Volunteering as a family can be a great way to build camaraderie, familial bonds, or a stronger relationship. It can also increase the community impact exponentially.

We have a variety of opportunities for families to get involved in serving our community.


Serving together as a family builds strong bonds and a strong community. We offer many opportunities that are perfect for families. To volunteer as a family, an individual can create a family team that allows an individual to add family members to a volunteer project without an account being created. (This is particularly useful because youth under the age of 13 cannot create an account.) When selecting an opportunity, make sure your family meets the age requirements and that the physical requirements are appropriate for your group.



Volunteer Teams make it possible for one person, the Team Captain, to sign-up others for volunteer opportunities. Teams can be created by an individual once they are signed in to their account. Other individuals can be invited to join a private team, and all individuals can join a public team. For more information on creating a team, please visit our FAQs section.