Become a Partner


United Way of Southern Nevada is proud to partner with community organizations to help deepen the impact of good work that is taking place in our community. Nonprofit organizations, schools and houses of worship can partner with us at no cost.

Some of the features or services that we offer partner organizations are:

•         Free calendar and ongoing referrals (Volunteers can sign up directly for an opportunity with your organization)

•         Volunteer management software through HandsOn Connect (track hours donated to your org)

•         Direct link to your organization's website through United Way of Southern Nevada

•         Referrals for special events and corporate volunteer projects - Companies and groups seeking projects will be referred to your organization

•         Special trainings, professional development and workshops on issues that impact your organization

•         And much more!

United Way of Southern Nevada will not recruit/refer volunteers to:

•         Work with for-profit organizations

•         Work with private individuals

•         Replace paid workers with volunteers

•         Take part in political campaigns

•         Volunteer in any religious organization, unless in a community outreach project of that organization.

We partner with community-based agencies that are an organization with a 501(c)3 nonprofit status, a public/not-for-profit school or government organization. If you do not meet this requirement, you can become a business partner with United Way of Southern Nevada.

To start the process of becoming a community partner with us, please click here to 

Sign Up/Register your organization.

Engaging Your Workforce through Volunteerism

United Way of Southern Nevada makes it easy for your company or organization to get involved in our community in a meaningful way. Because of our experience and knowledge of the community, we know what the real needs are, know how to organize fun and meaningful volunteer opportunities, and know what it takes to motivate volunteers. We provide comprehensive volunteer event planning to meet your company's goals, engaging your employees while supporting local nonprofits and other community organizations. We assist corporations and other groups in starting or revitalizing employee volunteer programs, providing easy access to volunteer opportunities and management of employee volunteer events. Our services maximize the impact of your company's time, money and human resources.

Corporate volunteering benefits the community, but it also can benefit your company:


•         Enhances brand recognition and generates recognition for company.

•         Helps implement and address strategic business objectives and positively impacts profitability.

•         Helps attract customers, clients and business partners.

•         Promotes teamwork and builds cohesion among co-workers.


•         Builds and enhances professional and leadership skills.

•         Elevates employees' sense of community, citizenships and civic pride.

•         Makes employees feel good and increases employee morale.

•         Educates employees about community needs and issues.

If you are interested in having United Way of Southern Nevada coordinate a service project for your organization, employees or your conference or convention, please contact Chris Cappas at (702)892-2300 or by email at